About Local News Blues

About Local News Blues
Dylan Lees Photography for Local News Blues (copyright 2024 Michigoose Productions LLC)

By Alice Dreger, Publisher

Local News Blues is designed to be a way to externalize the conversations so many of us local news producers have been having behind the scenes. Its aim is to allow us to share our analyses, experiences, and conversations with more of our peers and to speak back to so much of the frustrating pontificating and punditry committed by people who haven’t done local news in years (if ever). 

If you’re a local news producer, please do add your voice to the comments section. Pitch your ideas. And consider writing commentary and analysis for Local News Blues. If this thing makes any money, I’m happy to pay you for contributions.

Let’s stop grieving the past and talk frankly about the reality of doing local news.

Thanks to the folks who have helped.

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